Ice age artwork

I had no idea that the first and only piece of “Ice age artwork from America” was found less than 50 miles from my house about 2 years ago, until someone gave me these local found mammoth or mastodon fossil recently. The horse hair raku pot is from Jari Shaktman doing Ron Shaw’s raku workshop. I think they look good together (the pot and the fossil).


Hello World!

In preparation for the upcoming trip to Innsbruck, Austria, I’m busying myself with printing postcard, setting up a website and packing art works. Why Innsbruck? Because of an cultural exchange art project “WIDE WEST”, which enables a group of Artists from USA to exhibit their works in the Foyer of the Imperial Palace and teach workshops in local schools in the¬†first half of April. The resulting works of the students will be shown in the second half of April.¬†Even more exciting part to me, is I will be able to travel with my best friend whom I met 11 years ago on a culture exchange ceramic tour in China. Stay tuned.